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This guide attempts to cover the breadth of risks, scams and pitfalls new and advanced cryptocurrency users typically fall prey to. Topics are weakly sorted according to their risk level in descending order (most common/high risk first). Each topic comes with a number of clickable links to articles elaborating on the subject.

To help your odds of surviving this space, please do your due diligence. Keep your coins in cold storage. If you can, use a hardware wallet. Don’t manually type private keys or destination addresses. Store your wallet and backup information safely.

If it’s too good to be true…

**Update: Winners for this event have been announced.**

Following DeFI’s recent impact on the cryptocurrency space, trading card game (TCG) Gods Unchained recently made a call to its community to come up with ideas in an effort to better integrate their in-game assets with other DeFi protocols.

This post is my submission for that challenge.

What’s your idea?

Fungible tokens (ERC20) representing shares of a pool of Gods Unchained cards (or collectibles) deposited in a smartcontract. For the sake of conciseness, they’ll be referred to as Gods Unchained Pools or GUPs. …


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